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Are you looking to restore your health and energy?  Do you want to look and feel young for your age? 
Here is the product for you.  The all natural Tongkat Ali herb extract clinically proven to boost testosterone production in your body.

Based in Singapore. Androherb specialises in tongkat ali products.  Produced with maximum efficacy to improve well-being both physically and mentally.  Our product is developed using latest research available and produced to the highest manufactuaring standard.

Extensive Research

Extensive research has been done to prove tongkat ali has the ability to boost testosterone production in your body.  This is the herb for increasing useable testosterone and reducing its conversion to estrogen and this has been confirmed by many scientific studies published in medical journals.  Tongkat Ali reduces the effects of ageing on the male reproductive system by increasing your body's free testosterone bioavailability.  You can find out a lot of research as been done on tongkat ali simply by searching in the net.  Read more...

Genuine Tongkat Ali

Our tongkat ali are taken from the wild rainforest of Malaysia.  They are process in Malaysia and send for packaging in Singapore. We also sell tongkat ali in slices.  You can purchase the original tongkat ali in slices and taste the genuine distintive bitter taste of tongkat ali. Therefore you can be rest assured our product is the genuine tongkat ali. Tongkat ali contains quassinoids, which are a group of compounds extracted from plants of the Simaroubaceae family, which have been used for many years in traditional medicine.  Quassinoids is probably the most bitter substance on earth.  Read more...

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Tongkat Ali, (Eurycoma longifolia), Also know as Long Jack.  Clinically proven natural testosterone boosting health Supplement. Each bottle contains 80 capsules of 300mg each.


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Buy Tongkat Ali Slices
Buy Tongkat Ali Slices

Buy Tongkat Ali Slices