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Top Grade Tongkat Ali Slices


Mature Tongkat Ali Diameter

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Top Grade Tongkat Ali Slices


Androherb Tongkat Ali Slices, the highest grade wild Tongkat Ali or Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia), cut into thin slices by precision technology. Experience the origical taste of this herb.


Tongkat Ali is clinically proven, all natural testosterone booster.  It is used traditionally to maintain health and vitality.


Testosterone is a hormone necessary in maintaining libido, sperm production and muscle strength and mass.


Tongkat Ali stimulates testosterone production in your body naturally, promoting both physical and mental well-being.


Tongkat Ali has a traditional reputation as an herbal aphrodisiac. Tongkat Ali increases your body testosterone production by reducing sex hormone binding globulin and estrogenic compounds that reduce the amount of available testosterone which is especially important as we age.


Androherb tongkat ali slices are taken from matured trees.  They have an average diameter of 8cm and above.


Recommended dosage: 

1-2 Slice a day.  Soak in warm water or mix with coffee.


Note: The original Tongkat Ali contains qussinoid and is very bitter in taste.  Quassinoids are a group of compounds extracted from plants of the Simaroubaceae family, which have been used for many years traditionally for its medicinal properties.