Made from the highest quality tongkat ali in Malaysia.  Androherb Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract is 100% pure and natural.

Tongkat Ali slices, for those who enjoy the unquie bitter taste of tongkat ali.  Consume by soaking it in warm water or coffee. 

Androherb Tongkat Ali has passed rigorous testing and certified safe for consumption.

Buy Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200

& Tongkat Ali Slices




Androherb Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200

$68 per bottle / 80 capsules

Highest quality tongkat ali extract 1:200

Androherb Tongkat Ali Slices 80gm

$65 (1 mth supply)

For those who prefer to take it directly from the herb.  Our tongkat ali slices are sliced into uniform thickness with precision technology.

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